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Educational grants on offer

The Seelye Foundation offers grants to young persons for advancement in higher education or vocational training at an institution or training centre.

The grants are open to applicants from northern regions of NZ, with particular focus on the far north. 

The Foundation offers grants to students wishing to undertake training, courses, or further education in, but not limited to, construction and built environment, architecture, urban and landscape design, conservation and environmental sciences.

The grant is to be used to cover nominated expenses. These could include registration and course fees, travel, accommodation, and course resources.

Grants are available up to $10,000. The amount granted by the Foundation will be assessed on the nature of the expenses incurred or required to attend the nominated institution.

A discrete period is set for each grant. Where an education grant is for course fees, travel, and accommodation expenses, it would cover one year.

How to apply for a Seelye Foundation education grant

Our educational grants provide support, unlock individual potential and grow our leaders of tomorrow. You can apply by completing the Educational Grants Application Form. To be eligible for the Seelye Foundation educational grants, applicants will need to meet a range of criteria and supply some or all of the following information. Read on to see if you qualify, then let us know about your study plans and we’ll advise on the suitability of your request to receive an education grant from our charitable trust. 

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Applying for a study grant


The applicant must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

Applications are open to young persons from far north areas that wish to attend a higher level of education or training institution or have already enrolled in such a course and seek additional funds.

You will need to tell us about your highest level of education and where it was obtained.


Who is nominating you for an educational grant and how do you know them? This person can be your school career advisor, vocational counsellor/ schoolteacher or teacher / instructor from the nominated education / teaching institute but cannot be a family member or guardian. Provide the address and contact details of your nominator. The Foundation may contact them for clarifying any issue relating to your application.

Reason for the education grant

You will need to briefly describe your reasons for seeking a study grant from the Foundation and identify on the application form which expense you wish the grant to cover. These may be for registration or course fees, travel (i.e., to and from home to the Institution), accommodation (if staying away from home to attend the course), or resources (remote learning devices, tools or course material).

Identify the course and institution you wish to attend or are enrolled in.

To support your application, you need to supply details of the expenses and period being claimed. These may be receipts or official course documents indicating fees etc., or estimated values of items being claimed. The Foundation requires these figures to help assess the amount for your grant.

Become a recipient of the Seelye charitable foundation

For more information on how to apply for grants for study, get in touch. The Seelye Foundation also welcomes nominations for young people from northern regions of NZ to become a recipient of the foundation for educational funding.

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