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Environmental grants on offer

The Seelye Foundation offers grants to support environmental initiatives that include flora and fauna conservation activities, pest control measures, plant and food production ventures, climate change studies and sustainability projects.

The grants are for local ventures focused on northern regions of NZ and are for both individuals and organisations. Organisations are likely to include voluntary agencies, trusts and societies, schools, iwi, community and neighbourhood groups, scientific bodies, start-ups and emerging companies focusing on environmental and sustainability issues.

The Foundation supports Individuals involved in locally based conservation and environmental activities and are anticipated to include scientists and engineers, architects, landscape and urban designers, growers, and gardeners. 

Environmental funding opportunities

Seelye Foundation environmental grants are available for individuals up to $20,000 and for organisations up to $30,000. The amount granted by the Foundation will be assessed on the reason for the grant and the desired outcomes and timeframes and other information submitted by the applicant.

A discrete timeframe is typically set for each grant. After this time, objectives are deemed to have been achieved and the initiative to become self-funding. Environmental grants are paid out on a one-off payment with grants greater than $10,000 and for longer term projects paid out in equal amounts over the agreed timeframe.

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How to apply for a Seelye Foundation environmental grant

If you are a group or individual working to improve the environmental health of northern Aotearoa New Zealand, you may be eligible for an environmental grant from the Seelye Foundation. You can apply by completing the Environmental Grants Application Form. To be eligible, applicants will need to meet a range of criteria and supply some or all of the following information. Read on to see if you qualify, then let us know about your environmental initiatives and we’ll advise on the suitability of your request to receive environmental funding from our charitable trust. 

Applying for support for your environmental initiatives

How to apply for a grant

You can apply as an individual or as an  organisation using the Environment Grant Application online form.

Individual applicant

The applicant must be a NZ citizen or permanent resident.

You will need to be nominated for an environmental grant. Who is your nominator, and how do you know them? This person can be from an organisation, community group, school or other body which is willing to support your environmental initiative.

The Foundation may contact the nominator to clarify any issue relating to the application.

Organisation applicant

The organisation is to be New Zealand based and a contact person is to be nominated so that the Foundation may make contact to clarify the application details.

Reason for the grant

You will need to describe the reasons for seeking an environmental funding grant from the Foundation and define the likely outcomes, together with timeframes, on the application form. Any additional documents or reports in support of the application can be attached to the form. You will also need to list probable cost of items that you wish the grant to cover. These items may include purchase of vegetable and fruit seedlings, native plants, pest controls, measuring and monitoring devices, production, automation and robotic equipment, and sponsorship for professional or technical advice. Receipts, estimated costs or values from official sources for items claimed can also be attached. 

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Become a recipient of the Seelye charitable foundation

For more information on how to apply for Seelye Foundation environmental grants, get in touch. The Foundation also welcomes nominations for individuals and community organisations to become recipients of funding for environmental projects focused on northern regions of Aotearoa
New Zealand.

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